Did You Receive a Letter or Call From Us?

If you received a letter or a phone call from us it means that a business asked us to help them get paid for goods or services you received. It is usually better to pay off the collection account quickly. Once a delinquent account is reported to your credit file it can stays there for 7 years.  This can lower your credit score. If you dispute the account you should contact us right away to explain the dispute. Once an account is disputed we will investigate with our client. If your dispute is valid we will stop collection activity and remove the listing from your credit report (if we have already reported it).  However, if our client provides proof of the debt we will continue collection activity.

To pay your bill online you will need your account number and PIN located in the upper right hand corner of the notice. If you cannot find your notice or are unable to process your payment online please call (888) 325-5055 for assistance. Click here to get started.

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